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Updated :- Friday, 09 November 2007  

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Miniature Stanley #1    -   1/3 scale

For years I've wanted to make a gold or silver #1 Stanley plane. The most complicated part would be the frog, so that's where to start. I carved it in wax until I was happy with the shape, and then when that is cast into silver I will complete it ready for moulding in rubber. I find some work is more controllable in metal rather than wax, so I make the basic shape in wax, and refine it in metal with tools I'm more comfortable with. Once I have a mould multiples could be made in whichever metal I choose, bronze, gold ( 18ct, 14ct, 9ct, yellow, white or red) and maybe even platinum.

 frog3.jpg (28151 bytes) frog4.jpg (54295 bytes)
Next complication is the left hand thread for the depth adjuster. By chance I discovered I had a LH screw plate amongst a Watchmakers tool kit I have. So to make a tap I took a broken needle file handle and turned it down in my watchmaker's lathe, and ran it into the screw plate. After hardening and tempering, it cuts brass very well. So I turned up the adjuster in brass as a prototype, and just ran a nail into the screw plate for a post. These will be made in yellow and white gold for the plane. I'm very pleased with this, I can flick it and it spins freely for the full length of the threaded post.
adj_3.jpg (33829 bytes) adj_2.jpg (72306 bytes)adj_1.jpg (96284 bytes)
LHtap1.jpg (57025 bytes)LHtap.jpg (31306 bytes)
The frog is back from the caster, so I used my jeweller's saw, files, gravers and suspension drill with drill bits and grinding burs to finish the details. Almost ready to go back to be moulded in rubber.

frog_sil1.jpg (79712 bytes) frog_sil2.jpg (53338 bytes) frog_sil3.jpg (66402 bytes)

Next installment will be the base....coming soon.

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