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Chaplin's patent plane information page

Chaplin's Original Patent #3 size planes

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3_group.jpg (85582 bytes)

#3 iron handle

3a_1.jpg (64287 bytes)3a_3.jpg (66630 bytes)

3a_4.jpg (78156 bytes)3a_2.jpg (82855 bytes)



This plane has a smooth rubber handle in the shape of the iron handle with a longer horn, and a small wooden knob with Chaplin's Patent machined away from the body around the knob.

3b_1.jpg (71858 bytes)3b_2.jpg (74944 bytes)

Blade looks like a replacement from a wooden body plane #72 or #73 and the lever has a brass rivet in the middle, fitted later.

3_knobs.jpg (87173 bytes)3_handles.jpg (80470 bytes)


#203 smooth

3c_1.jpg (76907 bytes)3c_3.jpg (72596 bytes)


#1203 Corrugated

3d_1.jpg (68752 bytes)3c_2.jpg (76530 bytes)

3d_2.jpg (69658 bytes)

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