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Made in Australia Stanley #4 Casting


Stanley #3 made in Australia

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4castinga.jpg (13130 bytes) This bare casting was picked up from a pile on a foundry floor in 1982 at the IXL Works in Geelong, west of Melbourne, Australia.
4castingc.jpg (13886 bytes) There is an extra block of iron to be machined away to open the mouth, helps keep the casting stable.
4castinge.jpg (28222 bytes) Date stamped 25th November 1981.


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3stanley.jpg (21753 bytes) Earlier model #3 Stanley made in Australia plane. With stained hardwood handles, 2 piece flat steel depth adjuster yolk. The inner surface of the body is painted black.

Made after Stanley bought 50% of Titan in 1963.

label.jpg (24180 bytes) Stanley - Titan Pty Ltd,  Hobart Tasmania.

Licensee of the Stanley Works USA

3knob.jpg (21972 bytes) Bailey behind the knob and No3 in front on the toe of the bed.
3base.jpg (35689 bytes) Made in Australia.
3blade.jpg (17373 bytes) Stanley

Made in Australia.


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