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Stanley Australia HSS (high speed steel) blades

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See some pictures of Australian Made Stanley planes, including an unfinished #4 casting. click HERE

"Made in Australia" Stanley blades in their original packing.

I find these HSS blades are EXTREMELY good on some of our "Silicon Rich" Eucalypt hardwoods.

The product codes and sizes of the samples shown here are :- 

Standard high grade alloy steel - GK.133.12  45mm (1 3/4 inch, for #3)

High Speed Steel Tip - GK.136.03 51mm (2 inch, for #4 &5 )

Standard high grade alloy steel - GK.133.16  60mm (2 3/8 inch, for #6, 7 etc)

blade_set.jpg (47414 bytes) L to R

#4 size HSS blade, #4 HSS blade in original display pack, #3 size "Standard" blade in original cardboard display pack. The tops of the cardboard sleeves are folded across the sharp end, and they were packed 6 to a box...see the pack of 6 "Standard" blades for #4 & #5.

pack_front.jpg (100279 bytes)

pack_back.jpg (145702 bytes)

These scans show the front and back of the Standard and HSS blade packing sleeves. On the back, curiously, are the same instructions for sharpening both blades.

I use a grey silicon carbide wheel, cooling often, and find honing on a fine diamond "stone" the best method.

boxes.jpg (57819 bytes) Labels and codes on two boxes of 6 blades.
logo.jpg (44268 bytes) Made in Australia logo.
blade.jpg (44209 bytes) Join line on the HSS tipped blade appears to be either a silver solder joint, or brazing alloy. It is a very pale milky-bronze colour, so my best guess is low melting point silver solder.
front.jpg (34852 bytes) back.jpg (30983 bytes) One out of a plane on my bench.
blade_a.jpg (28496 bytes) blade_b.jpg (35986 bytes) One of the spares....
titan.jpg (46443 bytes)

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