Peter McBride
Melbourne, Australia.

Updated :- 13 November, 2007 


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  Tool Making and Restoration - GALLERY
My aim is to make tools I can use, and I generally take my inspiration from some of the magnificent tools made in the mid to late 1800's, when decoration on a tool was there for it own sake, and perhaps to inspire the user. Steel, brass and exotic woods combine to make beautiful tools that are a pleasure to use in my workshop, and hopefully an heirloom for my family to have and to use for many generations.

smoother_fr2.jpg (80604 bytes)
Dovetailed smoothing  plane.

skew03.jpg (36691 bytes)
Skew mouth rebate chariot plane.

chariot10_b.jpg (65410 bytes)
A couple of block planes.

pmcbshw.jpg (29888 bytes)
Restored shoulder plane.

handles.jpg (77425 bytes)
Replacement handles.

chis_handles.jpg (77845 bytes)
More handles.

mallet4.jpg (52303 bytes)
Carving mallets.

level.jpg (42345 bytes)
Restored 12 inch level, damaged boxwood replaced with Indian Rosewood.


bull03.jpg (80334 bytes)
Engraved dovetailed bullnose chariot plane.

minature_smoother.jpg (83060 bytes)
Small smoother, pictured next to a full size plane.

scraper_4.jpg (42177 bytes)
Small brass scraper with a steel plate on the sole.

sh20.jpg (66748 bytes)
Restored shoulder plane.

smoother.jpg (45624 bytes)
Restored smoothing plane.

bowsaw.jpg (60534 bytes)
Rosewood bow saw for coping blades

marking.jpg (53397 bytes)
Marking knife