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woodwork projects
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dinning3.jpg (95671 bytes)

The long awaited dinning table in Australian blackwood, big enough to seat 12 easily.

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stairs_a.jpg (63841 bytes)

Staircase in Jarrah, with patternmakers tool chest blocking a view of a soffit panel.

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clock.jpg (51569 bytes) Eight day chiming clock in Jarrah and silky oak.
silvertray.jpg (67356 bytes) Australian Blackwood boxes for sterling silver tray and servers.
kitchena.jpg (69188 bytes)

Kitchen in Australian Blackwood, 5 year project almost finished.

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 kitchenc.jpg (57826 bytes) kitchend.jpg (68617 bytes)

cuttingtable.jpg (43687 bytes)

Cutting out sewing table with gate legs and drop-sides.


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bowl1.jpg (31778 bytes)

bowl2.jpg (20907 bytes)

A bowl in Walnut.
The next two pieces, a cot and change table I made from English Oak that was recovered from a few trees cut down in suburban yards in Melbourne.

See my page on Milling the Oak.

cot1.jpg (77569 bytes) cot2.jpg (88601 bytes)
cot_oak.jpg (60799 bytes) cot3.jpg (66944 bytes)
change_table1.jpg (50521 bytes) Change table
cof_table1.jpg (64848 bytes) Blackwood coffee table
train1.jpg (34343 bytes) Coen's "pull-along" train and carriage in Silky Oak, Jarrah and Ash.
carriage_1.jpg (31854 bytes) carriage_3.jpg (42985 bytes) train-_carriage01.jpg (98063 bytes)

A toy box for Coen in the style of a traditional tool chest, in Pine, Blackwood and Fiji plantation Mahogany. One day we'll make some sliding tills and fill it with tools.

toybox1w.jpg (55791 bytes) toybox4w.jpg (74629 bytes) 
trophy.jpg (47323 bytes) Basketball trophy with stands for ball and 2 photo's.
docbox1.jpg (63727 bytes) docbox2.jpg (105651 bytes)
firewood_box.jpg (81517 bytes) A firewood box .