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Patternmaker's tool chest

This largish tool chest was found in a shed in a costal town south of Melbourne. The internal wood is Australian Red Cedar (Toona ciliata var. australis), a fine cabinet making timber. There are 6 divided draws, the top two with hinged lids. Plenty of the tools had been stripped out, but enough were left to make it a great find. The Stanley plane in it dates it to about 1910.

  • Dovetailed infill panel plane, with the pattern for the cast brass lever cap.
  • Brass framed mallet, with the pattern.
  • User made side rebate plane.
  • #10 Stanley carriage makers rebate plane.
  • Disston steel backed dovetail saw.
  • Wedge arm fillister
  • User made Red Cedar panel gauge.
  • A few Chisels, Mathieson boxwood spokeshave and a ton of auger bits, and a few other odds and sods.

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