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Norris A5 - post WW2 infill smoothing plane.
(approx US$227.00) #A5N2

Norris - London A5. Post-WW2 smoothing plane, steel body. Unmarked back-iron, Norris blade marked on the back Sorby. Beech Infill refinished.
Screw up through handle.

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(approx US$160.00) #UM1

Nice user made dovetailed smoother. Laminated infill with some chipping and wear to the infill finish.
2 1/4 inch Marples parallel blade with 1 1/4 inch left under the slot.
Super fine throat.


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Cast Iron Smoothing plane.
(approx US$125.00) #CI1
Cast Iron Smoothing plane.
Made in the style of a Norris #51.
There is provision for an adjuster, but none is fitted.
Marples parallel iron.
Very well done repair to the right cheek, and some brass plugs to the base, probably to fill casting voids.


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Stanley # A6 Aluminium fore plane.
(approx US$160.00) #STA6

Stanley #A6 Aluminium Fore Plane. 1910 Patent on the bed. Very nice wood, with the label on the handle.
SW blade.

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Spiers Ayr, Plane-O-Ayr, steel smoothing plane. WW1 model
(approx US$110.00) #SP2
Spiers, Ayr,  Plane-O-Ayr steel smoothing plane. WW1 model with welded body, cast steel lever and the wood block behind the blade. Replacement Mathieson 2 1/4 inch blade, original Spiers back iron. Body has been cleaned up, painted black and the wood refinished. 

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Spiers Ayr dovetailed steel infill smoothing plane.
(approx US$160.00) #SP1
Spiers, Ayr, dovetailed steel smoothing plane. Late model with the Signature mark on the lever. Replacement Mathieson 2 1/4 inch blade set makes a very tight throat. Replacement/repaired  laminated handle. Body has been cleaned up, and wood refinished. 

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Scottish cast gunmetal infill smoothing plane.
(approx US$125.00) #SC2
9 3/4 inch, (246mm) long, heavy 5 lbs 3 oz (2.33 kg) cast gunmetal panel plane in the Scottish style. Mathieson iron is parallel, 2 1/8 inch wide with matching Mathieson back iron. Lever pin relocated.
Throat has some brass welding, and may need a bit of a tidy up.


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