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Norris A5 - post WW2 infill smoothing plane.
(approx US$227.00) #A5N2

Norris - London A5. Post-WW2 smoothing plane, steel body. Unmarked back-iron, Norris blade marked on the back Sorby. Beech Infill refinished.
Screw up through handle.

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Stanley # A6 Aluminium fore plane.
(approx US$160.00) #STA6

Stanley #A6 Aluminium Fore Plane. 1910 Patent on the bed. Very nice wood, with the label on the handle.
SW blade.

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Spiers Ayr, Plane-O-Ayr, steel smoothing plane. WW1 model
(approx US$110.00) #SP2
Spiers, Ayr,  Plane-O-Ayr steel smoothing plane. WW1 model with welded body, cast steel lever and the wood block behind the blade. Replacement Mathieson 2 1/4 inch blade, original Spiers back iron. Body has been cleaned up, painted black and the wood refinished.  spiers2_1.JPG (285975 bytes)
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