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Copy of the Stanley #51 & #52 Shuteboard and plane.

and a huge brass and mahogany bevel gauge from the same talented maker.

shute4w.jpg (118943 bytes)

The base was milled from solid 1 inch thick steel.

shute2w.jpg (128646 bytes)

The plane was fabricated from a piece of angle steel, and the lever cap milled from solid steel.

shute3w.jpg (111498 bytes)

All the parts here finely fabricated in steel

shute5w.jpg (41397 bytes)  Nice indexing for setting the angle.
shute1w.jpg (93389 bytes) bevelw.jpg (86115 bytes)

Fantastic mahogany bevel gauge engraved

A. W . Renalson, Whyalla, 1942.

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