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31 October, 2007

Peter McBride
Goldsmith  /  Jeweller

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The small screw press, or fly press in jewellery making.
press.JPG (82550 bytes)

Some tooling for gallery wire, seven different patterns. Gallery wire is bent into the shape of a gemstone then soldered to make a coronet - claw type setting.
On the tool to the right below the gold strip is inserted from below and is cut using the punch ( center), the button is
depressed then located in a hole and another strike is made, then repeated. The samples below are not from this tool, but made with another.
These tools were made in Melbourne, Australia c1950.

 gallery wire tools a.JPG (29906 bytes) gallery wire b.JPG (21074 bytes) gallery wire a.JPG (52593 bytes)

gallery wire sample.JPG (22683 bytes)

These tools are used to make gold patterns for rings that are then pierced with a drill and the filigree is cut with a jeweller's saw. 
The blade tends to follow the thinnest line. These tools were made in Melbourne, Australia before 1900.

  ring dies b.JPG (43412 bytes) ring engraved dies bb.JPG (25258 bytes)

The picture to the left below is a sample of the pressing by the tools to the right. Two sides are made in gold
then they are soldered together then hand punched into a die, then a band added to complete the ring.

pressed sample.JPG (29279 bytes) ring dies a.JPG (30910 bytes)

The tools in the picture to the left first cut out the blank, the cut out the center, then emboss it ready for cutting and filing. 

ring engraved dies a.JPG (25460 bytes) ring engraved dies b.JPG (36957 bytes) 

This set is for the making of a square cluster diamond ring, it was made in the 1950's or 60's.

 square cluster set.JPG (48185 bytes) square cluster b.JPG (45710 bytes) square cluster a.JPG (61043 bytes)

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