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Updated :- Sunday, 14 June 2020  

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2 Infill panel planes. 
One marked A. Mathieson & Son, Glasgow just on the front bun.
And another marked Buck, 242 Tottenham Ct. Rd. on the lever cap. 
See also - Infill Plane Makers for a study of the "STEEL" stamp on Infill planes

1. Mathieson Panel Plane.

math_panel_1.jpg (67931 bytes)  

math_panel_2.jpg (125313 bytes)math_panel_3.jpg (105026 bytes)
17.jpg (56226 bytes)
math_panel_4.jpg (75676 bytes)math_panel_5.jpg (106106 bytes)
math_panel_6.jpg (106310 bytes)math_panel_7.jpg (110282 bytes)

2. Buck Panel Plane. 
This plane is from a working cabinet maker, and I'm proud to show it straight off his bench.

rob_buck01.jpg (63360 bytes)
rob_buck02.jpg (125929 bytes)rob_buck00.jpg (127257 bytes)
rob_buck04.jpg (108061 bytes)rob_buck03.jpg (65844 bytes)

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