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follow this LINK to a look at more examples of Mathieson, Norris & Buck planes
More on the study of the actual maker of infill planes stamped STEEL on the base.
This page illustrates twelve Infill planes with six Makers' Marks.
Norris, Mathieson, Preston, Buck, Carrick & Craig and Spiers
All have been stamped
Eleven are stamped on the base at the front, and a Spiers Bull Nose is stamped on the heel.
The divisions on the rule are mm.
Many Norris and Mathieson planes are marked with the same STEEL punch, and I believe those are all made by Norris.
norrisa6_11.jpg (195682 bytes) norrisa6_12.jpg (147618 bytes) norrisa6_13.jpg (203177 bytes)
 I can follow the deterioration of the punch through the changes in the design of Norris planes over time.
norris6_21.jpg (169487 bytes) norris6_22.JPG (133914 bytes) norris6_23.JPG (198571 bytes)
Here is another Norris made plane. Note that not all Buck planes were by Norris. Spiers also supplied them without marking them STEEL.
buck_11.jpg (287343 bytes) buck_12.jpg (139953 bytes) buck_13.jpg (211146 bytes)
The Mathieson planes made by Norris that I have, are all unmarked on the lever, and marked Mathieson on the infill.
Some notable exceptions to this era of Mathieson planes made by Norris are the unhandled smoothers, mitre planes and some of the rebate planes which were Spiers made. Those by Spiers are not stamped
STEEL like this panel plane below.
Unfortunately there were many tools fraudulently marked by a UK tool dealer right where this Mathieson mark is usually seen. See here how to recognise the Fake Mathieson Mark and compared to some Genuine Marks 
math_41.jpg (172646 bytes) math_42.jpg (160705 bytes) math_43.jpg (179476 bytes)
The italic STEEL mark, with the Mathieson marked lever appears to be later production in the early 1900s, made by Mathieson, and is seen throughout the range of planes.
math_21.JPG (180450 bytes) math_22.JPG (167471 bytes) math_23.JPG (184458 bytes)
The following 3 planes all carry a matching STEEL mark, 2 Mathieson & Son, Glasgow, and a Carrick & Craig also from Glasgow.
Interesting to me is that the Buck (above) and the three below are very, very similar in many details of their construction.
Very much in the Norris Style.
math_31.JPG (200979 bytes) math_32.JPG (154111 bytes) math_33.JPG (230397 bytes)
Mathieson & Son, Glasgow
math_11.JPG (196436 bytes) math_12.JPG (195157 bytes) math_13.JPG (185549 bytes)
Carrick & Craig, Glasgow.
candc_21.JPG (206613 bytes) candc_22.JPG (137641 bytes) candc_23.JPG (184708 bytes)
This mark on another Carrick & Craig, Glasgow plane is similar to the Norris - Mathieson mark. Although very faint, it measures 0.5mm shorter, so was made with a different punch
candc_11.JPG (142213 bytes) candc_12.JPG (173856 bytes) candc_13.jpg (180042 bytes)
The maker of the two following planes marked by Preston is still a mystery. I think its unlikely to be Preston themselves. They are similar but with some distinctive differences in their making. The first plane has a STEEL mark, with serifs, and is similar to the Mathieson marked planes above, but 1.0mm shorter.
The lever cap casting is similar to Spiers in some ways, but the shape and definition of the boss under the screw is most like those on Holland, London planes. The rear infill on these two Preston marked planes is one piece, as opposed to the 2 piece infill by Spiers. The lever screw head is parallel sided and coarsely knurled in the Norris style, and has a square profile thread. 
preston_11.jpg (204270 bytes) preston_12.jpg (201021 bytes) preston_13.jpg (187004 bytes)
This Preston plane has a much smaller STEEL mark than any other I've seen.
It also has a smaller dia. normal profile thread on the lever screw which has a Spiers type curved fine knurling, a heavier walled and slightly longer body than the plane above. It also has a single piece rear infill.
preston_21.jpg (202794 bytes) preston_22.jpg (187782 bytes) preston_23.jpg (179578 bytes)
Spiers cast steel plane.
spiers_11.jpg (166282 bytes) spiers_12.jpg (160619 bytes) spiers_13.jpg (183477 bytes)
The 12 planes featured in the study
group01.jpg (336679 bytes)

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