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Updated :- Tuesday, 07 June 2011  

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A look inside a late model Norris 17 1/2 inch panel plane.

A close look at a post WW2 Norris 17 1/2 inch panel plane, showing the method of construction.
The body has been machined from a piece of steel channel. The stained beech front bun infill is held in with a single screw, and the rear has a pair of screws.

norris_panel_1.jpg (16444 bytes)

The screws are threaded into three bosses which appear to be riveted into the sole.
The front infill is easily removed. To remove the rear the 4 screws holding the adjuster must to be taken out, and then under that is a screw. Another screw is located  in the opening of the rear handle. There are two rivets holding the steel block behind the throat.
There are two round flats machined either side of the front locating boss, perhaps for an alternative fixing that was abandoned.
Also on the inside surface of each side a steel button is positioned to locate and bare on the edge of the blade.
  norris_panel_2.jpg (66074 bytes) norris_panel_3.jpg (85111 bytes)
There is also a third flat machined for a boss at the rear of the plane. It looks to be in the correct position behind the handle for the third screw used on the 22 1/2 inch version of the same plane
norris_panel_3a.jpg (54298 bytes) norris_panel_4.jpg (65860 bytes)
The ifill has rounded bottom edges to fit the fillet in the channel, and in the picture on the right, the head of the fixing screw can be seen under the rebate for the adjuster.
  norris_panel_5.jpg (52985 bytes) norris_panel_6.jpg (71511 bytes)

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