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Updated :- Saturday, 21 May 2011  

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A look inside a late model Norris A5 smoothing plane.

A close look at a post WW2 Norris A5 smoothing plane, showing the method of welded construction.
Also the "re-working" of the sides to fill the holes that were most likely used on the previous model, where 2 riveted pins were used to fix the front and rear stained beech infills in the body.

A5.jpg (63085 bytes) A5_1.jpg (60617 bytes)

The front infill is easily removed. The rear needs the 4 screws holding the adjuster to be taken out, and then under that is a single screw, and a steel locating pin at the rear. Two recesses in the bottom front of the rear infill are to clear the rivets holding the steel block behind the throat.
 A5_2.jpg (75982 bytes) A5_9.jpg (80985 bytes)
Front and rear where the sides meet the base.
A5_4.jpg (78727 bytes) A5_6.jpg (54415 bytes)
 Some pitting in weld on the side, and the holes in the sides filled with weld.
 A5_7.jpg (58786 bytes) A5_8.jpg (82340 bytes)
Down in the throat where earlier models has a dome fitted to center the blade, the holes are filled with weld and in their place, on each side is welded a raised lug which is aligned with the blade.
A5_5.jpg (86369 bytes) A5_3.jpg (77718 bytes)

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