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A visit to the Bob Lynn Historical Woodworking Trust (inc.) Museum - Ashburton, New Zealand

March 2003

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Every serious tool collector or user should rush to Ashburton, New Zealand, a small town, about a 1 hours drive south of Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand. I was told some years ago about the Bob Lynn collection of tools and Ornamental Turning (OT) lathes. I did an internet search and found their website with a link to email Bob Lynn's son-in-law Lindsay Holland, the Archivist for the Trust. ( the tools are held in a Trust, so they cannot be dispersed) I contacted Lindsay and was told that "Bob is now in his late 80's and pretty deaf, but very active and as sharp as a tack and would be pleased to meet you"

 I was made most welcome by Bob, and Lindsay.
The Lynn collection of ornamental turning lathes must be seen to be believed...WOW!!!

A Bower Rose Engine lathe (1825), 6 Holtzapffel, 2 Gill, one Evans, and one Davies Ornamental turning Lathe. One Holtzapffel horizontal lapping machine, and more!!

I spent a day with Bob, and Lindsay, met 2 other tool collectors there and had a VERY enjoyable day. 

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This is a book written and self published by Bob Lynn, I bought it at the museum. It has many pictures of the collection, and some quaint reminisces, and musings by Bob, and some VERY handy hints on traditional woodworking techniques. 

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Some of the infill planes in the collection. There was also a rare type 3, #3 bench plane by Stanley in one of the glass cabinets. When you get there, look at the wall-O-moulding planes...WOW.

infills1.jpg (90109 bytes)    infills2.jpg (98478 bytes)

Lindsay took me out the back of the buildings to look at the steam collection...more to see there also.

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