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Peter McBride
PO Box 135
Red Hill South VIC  3937
Phone:  03 5989 6501
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emery_sticks01.jpg (138041 bytes)
Mixed Australian Hardwood - 300mm long (12 - 13mm across the face)

These sticks are sold in packs of 12 for $30.00 inc GST

Plus Post at cost. (around $7.70 in AU)
Please contact me by phone or email to arrange payment and delivery.

The Janka hardness number is the standard to compare hardness of different timber species.
Spotted Gum is 11.0, Jarrah is 8.0, American oak is 6, Vic Ash is 4.5

I've made a video of how I wrap the sticks. The scriber I'm using is an old round needle file.

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