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Page updated: 10 May 2021


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spindle01.jpg (145666 bytes)  Aluminium slotted spindles - 12mm (nominal diameter)
on 2.3mm shanks. 

$33.00 inc. GST each.
(GST invoice will be provided)
Plus Post at cost (around $10.00 in AU)
Please contact me by phone or email to arrange payment and delivery.

These are used with lengths of various grades of emery paper cut to width, rolled up and taped.
Instruction for use below.

I make these on my 10mm a 8mm watchmaker's lathes using 12mm bar. 
Finished they are approx 11.8mm dia.
Recommended maximum 6000rpm


6 strips, near to 38mm each, are cut from a sheet of emery paper, and using old scissors two corners are cut off. 
spindle02.jpg (187904 bytes) spindle03.jpg (207280 bytes) spindle05.jpg (133993 bytes)
The strip is pulled over an edge to curl it up, and then fitted into the slot and bent over.
spindle04.jpg (162479 bytes) spindle06.jpg (220496 bytes) spindle07.jpg (127222 bytes)
Carefully and tightly rolled up to make a spiral, gaining about 0.5 to 1mm as it goes around (this presents a fresh edge as the used emery paper is torn away)
spindle08.jpg (116414 bytes) spindle09.jpg (174345 bytes)

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