Peter McBride      Goldsmith  /  Jeweller

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Garnet in 9ct yellow gold. brooch07.jpg (37871 bytes)
Pink Sapphire and mother of pearl in 18ct yellow and white gold. brooch01.jpg (38356 bytes)
Sodalite in 18ct yellow gold.


brooch02.jpg (34484 bytes)
Chert in Sterling silver and 9ct yellow gold. brooch03.jpg (26274 bytes)
Rhodanite in 18ct yellow gold. brooch08.jpg (34050 bytes)
Opal in 18ct yellow gold. brooch06.jpg (32548 bytes)
Diamond in 18ct yellow gold. brooch04.jpg (54271 bytes)
Opal and diamond in 18ct yellow gold and platinum. brooch05.jpg (53538 bytes)