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Robert Sorby Beech Brace.

Chuck repair.

brace08.jpg (21201 bytes) Bought a nice brace with a chuck that needed some attention.

Bit of a surprise as I was told it worked well by the interstate seller...tool buying on the phone...

brace02.jpg (37246 bytes)

Carefully removed the screw, slipped of the chuck...this'll be easy. 

The button has a fork that sits over a pivot " through mortised" into the sprung hook.

The spring was good, and the square head screw just came out to remove it.

brace04.jpg (31468 bytes)

Some clown had twisted it to snap it off....

brace05.jpg (32310 bytes)

Punched the pin out, and took it to the Jewellers bench with a piece of flat steel the same thickness.

brace06.jpg (30812 bytes) Cut, file, file, file....into the vice and peen the end over to fix it to the spring.

Drill the hole for the pivot in the same place as the broken piece and rivet the brass button on.

brace07.jpg (29225 bytes) Discovered why the tab had a half round shape, and that I'd guessed wrong and fitted it the wrong way around...It needs to tilt right over to slide in so the button can be fed up into the hole. My sloppy fit was just enough to allow it to snugly slip in.
brace09.jpg (31886 bytes) The screw was a little grunged, so I dressed it a little with files, heated it and dropped it in oil to blue it. Matches nicely, and in a few months will look just like the rest.


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