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Updated :- Wednesday, 23 May 2007  

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Salvaged fallen Blackwood tree.

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My brother Mike phoned to tell me he had to remove a large fallen Blackwood tree (Acacia Melanoxylon) from a difficult location on a property at Sassafras, a small town 20 minutes drive away from home in the hills behind where we live. It sounded promising, but was down in a valley, and the logs would need to be winched out. So with a 4x4 equipped with an 8000lb winch, a hand winch, straps, ropes and chains we managed to get it out safely and pretty quickly in just 4 pieces. The two larger logs are over 3m long and 0.85m across  ( about 10ft x 34 inch) and two are over 2m long ( about 7ft )

blackwood1.jpg (197270 bytes)

The bloke who mills for me with a Lucas Portable mill has a crane truck which was just able to get them aboard. Over the next few weeks we will mill them into boards etc, like we did a few years ago with a couple of Oak trees. seen here...milling oak 
blackwood4.jpg (186073 bytes) blackwood5.jpg (175623 bytes)
blackwood6.jpg (358070 bytes) blackwood7.jpg (124622 bytes)

blackwood8.jpg (166751 bytes)

I love this timber, it is very rewarding to work with, cuts, planes and polishes really well. Another Blackwood tree we milled over 8 years ago, salvaged from very near where the one above came down, is slowly coming together as a dining table in the workshop. The top is 2350 x 1330 ( about  7' 7" x 4' 5")

table1.jpg (120777 bytes)

 I also used stuff from the same tree to make our kitchen and some other projects over the years...boxes for sterling silver platter and servers...a coffee table..
kitchen04.JPG (52867 bytes) silvertray11.jpg (61699 bytes) cof1.jpg (47299 bytes)

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