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Cast iron Badger plane.

H. Morton

Last updated on :- February 11, 2007         click on the images for a larger picture

badger.jpg (149651 bytes) badger3.jpg (164491 bytes) This recently purchased unusual and interesting iron badger plane has some curious features. It is very well made, and looks to be a production made plane.

It has a gunmetal lever cap stamped "H Morton" and a blade set at a skew angle, and a very high angle from the base about 55_deg. The blade is stamped Moulson Bros. and Improved Welded. The handles are in Mahogany, and the tote has a brass plate below it, and doesn't show any method of connection to the body. (possibly a tapered sliding dovetail) The knob screw looks a little crude, and is screwed into a raised, threaded boss on the body in the style of Stanley planes.

Length 11 1/8 inch

Width 2 3/16 inch

Blade 2 inch

I looks to me like it was made in USA, but I'm not certain at all. Any information on this plane would be gratefully received.


badger2.jpg (107519 bytes) badger1.jpg (143657 bytes)
badger4.jpg (64009 bytes) badger5.jpg (86930 bytes)
badger_brass.jpg (35676 bytes)

Brass infill badger plane.

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